She’s only six.

18 years.

I was listening to a podcast the other day and the woman was talking about how we have our kids for 18 years and that’s all the time we have to really teach and train them.

Whoa. That stopped me in my tracks. 18 years, Lord willing. Then they’re grown. Then they’re gone. That made me sad. Then I thought about Anne Elise.

My firstborn. The one that changed my life. I thought about her and I thought about how she just turned six a few months ago. I can’t believe I have a six year old. Then it dawned on me. She’s six! If I only have until she’s 18, I am one-third of the way done. That made me really sad. In fact, my heart sank. I lost my breath for a minute. It’s going by too fast! I want the clock to stop! I’m not doing a good job! I haven’t taught her what she needs to know! She’s not ready! I haven’t prepared her! Wait. There’s no need to panic. She’s only six. But she’s six! Any minute now, she’ll be gone. I’m sobbing like a baby. I’m sobbing again typing this post.

I used to go to a Bible Study for young moms where the leader would say, “The days are long, but the years are short.” The years are too short. Thank God we have eternity. Thank God she’s only six.

Jesus, don’t let me waste my life! Don’t let me waste the time I have with the ones you have given me. It’s a privilege I’m not worthy of. Show me how precious the time is! Do whatever it takes to make me who you want me to be! There are little lives depending on it.


4 thoughts on “She’s only six.

  1. Wow I love that six year old. Six. Holy cow. Yesterday I was feeling her move in your belly. YESTERDAY!!!! I can’t remember life before her, but it feels like yesterday I held her for the first time! BEANS LOVES YOU, AE!

  2. For starters MAMIE you are doing a wonderful job. Secondly I second BEANS, HOLY COW! Six years ago we were trying to get you to hold off having her til my birthday. And yes, boy did that precious baby change our lives forever six years ago… And LOVIE did the new babie dance for the first time… And BEAR, BEANS and BISCUIT were donned. Thank you God for the past six years, and the three other blessings you and josh gave us(us like they are mine,but they are! ). BEAR LOVES YOU AE!

  3. Wow. You made me cry. It was yesterday when my Carley, the one that changed my life, was six. And now her baby is almost three. Hold ’em, Emily. Hold ’em close, and hold ’em long. It is such a blessing to see you and Josh enjoy your “babies” as you do.

    The great thing about loving them well, and not loving them well but experiencing Grace, when they’re six… and seven… and beyond, is when they’re eighteen… and twenty… and beyond, and they call you and send you texts that say, “Thank you for loving me as you did and do. Thank you for loving my daddy. We had a great childhood. Thank you.” Isn’t God always soooo good? Aren’t kids the greatest? At any age. They’re always your babies.

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