The Jesse Tree and a Wecipe


I hope your holiday traditions are well underway. We are doing The Advent Jesse Tree this year and are enjoying it so much. Love. That’s all I can say. If you didn’t get the memo about that, you definitely need to order your book and plan on doing it next year.

In our Jesse tree group, I was assigned the day represented by the 10 commandments. So, I recruited help from Jak. He took it very seriously.

I took 27 pictures of Jak with this exact pose. This is how you know he’s really concentrating.

I mean really workin’ hard. This one was taken right before his stroke of creative genius.

And voila! It’s just so abstract!

…and the finished product.

I would like to offer you some advice just in case you ever find yourself molding the 10 commandments out of air dry clay. Don’t make them too thin. Do not. Because then they will be very fragile and will perhaps break.  You may have made 38 very thin 10 commandments for your closest friends. Bummer. Then you will be forced to say that it was the first set that Moses brought down from the mount. These commandments are the first set. I repeat, these commandments are the first set. I meant to do that.

If this happens to you, I mean, if you happen to make the broken first set of 10 commandments, you will feel defeated and you will need to prove yourself. To yourself.

You will set out on a mission to make marshmallows. From scratch.

First, you will need to find a homeschooled child to make an awkward homeschool pose behind your ingredients.


Then you will need to pass out from looking at all of those genetically modified ingredients.


You should feel very guilty for feeding this to your nearest and dearest. Shameful.

Okay, so first you’re going to have to heat some stuff up. You will have to use your meat thermometer because you broke your candy thermometer. Don’t fret.

You are just going to have to let it boil. And boil.

You will add the hot stuff to the other stuff.

Then you will get out your dinosaur hand mixer because you are a glutton for punishment and well, you deserve it. You made 38 too thin 10 commandments out of air dry clay, remember? Then you wrapped them up and gave them to your friends.

Now, here is where I want you to listen ever so closely. You must use your mixer for 15 minutes. Pray you have a stand mixer and you don’t have to use your extremely old fashioned hand mixer that you got on your wedding day.

15 minutes.

I’m going to give you the secret to marshmallows. There are lots of secrets, but we’re friends, I will tell you everything.

You will never, and I do mean never, accomplish marshmallows if you do not have this going on right outside your kitchen door.

This, my friends, is essential.

Words cannot adequately describe how these marshmallows are going to taste. This just gives them a little extra something.

You are being punished for only having a hand mixer.

So, there should be much chaos ensuing while you use your dinosaur, 18th century hand-crank mixer for 15 minutes. Don’t complain, this is where the magic happens.

Once you’ve boiled some stuff and mixed some stuff. Then you’re going to pour it into a 9 by 13. You will then let it sit while you peel very small pieces of paper off of your work of art child. This will take 24 hours.

Cut them into the size you want.

Honestly, these marshmallows are so good! I told Josh last night that I didn’t think I could ever drink hot chocolate again without these marshmallows.

The recipe is here if you want to try it. Really easy, except all the mixing and paper issues…although I know you won’t even need to click on the recipe link because of how stellar my step-by-step instructions were!

Hope you’re enjoying your Christmas celebrations!

P.S. Annie, yes I stole the Wecipe idea from you. Start blogging again or else!