The Kines Heart NYC

So, what’s up?

Lots of you know that we are attending a month long training in New York City.

That’s right. New York Cittaay.

We don’t stick out. We really don’t. There a lots of people that try to get on the subway with 4 children and 2 strollers. Lots.

There are also lots of people who walk into the corner grocery…

with all their chilluns…

and say,

“Jarsh. Look at that there cawfey. You grond it yurself. See. Tole ya. Shore did.”


So, we’re lovin’ NYC. Mainly because we blend in.

The first thing I noticed was that New Yorkers are super friendly. I’m not being sarcastic. I can understand why it’s hard to take anything I say seriously. But, New Yorkers are super friendly.

For real.

I have yet to get on the subway (with our entire crew) and not have someone, or groups of people, smile and play with the kids and offer us their seat. Today there were two guys that were soooo too cool. They were trying so hard to stay serious, but could not keep from smiling at Matthew. He can crack the hardest shell. He will beat you at a staring contest. He will.

Trust me.

The first few days were really stressful. First time on the subway and we got separated. Josh had Jak and I had the other three on two separate cars. This would have been fine since we didn’t lose any kids …


…but I didn’t know where to get off. So the first thing I did was pull out my cellphone to call Josh and find out where to get off. Cell phones don’t work in subways. But I know you knew that.

So, I sat down and started wracking my brain trying to remember the address of the school we were going to. Then I looked up and saw Josh motioning to me through the window into the next car. He was making a square with his hands and pointing to his watch. I just shook my head. I mean, seriously, I had no idea what time it was. Who cares. If we’re late we’re late. He kept waving at me and making motions.

Sounds like….Square….Watch….Square…..Time…..Cube….Time….Square.

Time Square!!!

We’re supposed to get off at Time Square!

Josh told me later that while all this was going on, he was sitting directly across from a man with the word Brooklyn tattooed on one arm and the word Outlaw tattooed on the other.

I didn’t even make that up. That’s really what happened.


So I was super stressed that first day. Getting around just seemed so hard. But we’ve gradually settled into our routine and getting on the subway is almost like jumping in my minivan. In the garage. Sort of.

Not really.

I was really wanting to subway surf, but I saw this sign. So I won’t.

Really glad I saw it in time.


20 thoughts on “The Kines Heart NYC

  1. Hahahahahahaha!!! I actually prayed for y’all today, driven’ down Bozeman road. Was thinking about how stressful it must be there… little did I know y’all were feelin’ rite at home!!

    Still praying… love you guys. Miss you, too.

    Good call on the subway surfing. I would hate to miss you until my Heaven-time.

  2. You’re scaring me! So this post is why you don’t have time to text. I get it: The Kines “heart” (love) NYC. Baahaahaa.

  3. You don’t know me, but Josh stayed with my husband and me when he visited Scotland. I’ve read your blog a few times via Nikki’s but never left a comment. This post actually made me snort with laughter though so I felt compelled to leave one this time! We are praying for all of you in NYC, and all the final prep you have before heading to Colombia.

  4. Miss you friend. 🙂 love all of your posts, but there are just never enough! 😉 see you when you breeze thru before you are gone again! much love! praying for your sweet family daily.

  5. I’ve been in Bogota 1 month now… I was googling to find Christians here to connect with in English as I have not learned the language yet and I found your blog. Would love to meet you all when you get here. Congratulations on the new addition. My husband has been transfered to Bogota for work. We have 3 teens. Hope to be able to meet your crew. -Blessings

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