Photo Dump and Quick Update

Hey y’all.

Thought I would catch you up to speed real quick. We just finished our American tour missions conferences and have just a few more trips until we’re done traveling – hopefully – maybe.

In a few days we’re (the Bonhams, Josh, Matthew and I) flying to Bogota for the first time.

(FYI – if you type that sentence into your phone to send to a friend, your predictive text will take over and correct it to say “flying to bigots”…and you may not want to say that.)

We are super excited to see what the city we will be living in for two years is like. Hopefully we will see the area – even the neighborhood –  where we will be living and Nikki and I will be able to establish what all we need to bring/not bring/be prepared for, etc. We are also thrilled to meet our new team mates.

I will take lots of pictures and video and will post an update, hopefully, when we get back. Please pray for my mom – she will have the three big ones….actually, they will have her I’m afraid.

Speaking of that, a few weeks ago Josh and my mom went to a conference. The kids and my dad and I went with them, but we didn’t participate in the conference, so we were on our own in Tuscaloosa. I told Anne Elise before we left that it would just be me and Popeye and the kids and she said, “Well, that’s okay. I will be there to help.” If you know my Dad, then you know exactly what she meant.  That was so random, but thinking of leaving my kids with my mom made me think of it. Good luck Lovie! They’re all yours – and Popeye too!


6 thoughts on “Photo Dump and Quick Update

  1. Beautiful pictures as always!! I love that Matthew is always in Josh’s arms. Good thing you nurse him – you’d never get a chance to cuddle! Excited that you are, in fact, NOT bigots going to Bogota, and that you are going in a few days. Please get a house large enough for frequent visitors!!!

    Was great to see y’all in church this morning. I really think y’all have just been playing hooky for the last couple of months. Sightseeing around the country. I know how you missionary types are.

    Speaking of church, I was holding a heartbroken Matthew this morning when Johnny walked into the nursery. Matt LUNGED for Johnny with his whole little body! Johnny enjoyed lovin on him, and offered to stay in the nursery with him (miracles never cease!!). But when Matt loosened his grip ever so slightly, Melissa R whisked him out of J’s arms and took him outside. Poor baby never knew what hit him. But he made the adjustment by enjoying the wonder of God’s creation!

    Can’t wait to hear about Bogota!

  2. Ha! I’ll trade you Popeye for Baby Matthew. No really. I need to give the man some credit. He brushes their teeth, helps them with their baths, makes sure they wear tennis shoes, takes them on mule rides or to the zoo (or wherever else they ask to go), pops popcorn for family movie night (which is every night), reads the bedtime story, plays “knock over the bottle” and a dozen more silly games, and is Ava K’s best snuggle bunny.

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