Pumpkin Time!

I love Fall. I love Winter. I hate cold weather. Did I tell you that I’m moving to Costa Rica? I will probably miss the changing seasons eventually. Maybe when I’m good and thawed, I’ll think about missin’ them.

I think I just like the idea of changing seasons, not the actual seasons…and definitely not the cold weather accompanying them. I should probably just light some pumpkin spice candles in July and call it a celebration. I’ll let you know how that goes next year when I’m celebrating Christmas and it’s 80 degrees. Sure hope I can get my hands on that candle.

One thing I do love about this time of year is pumpkin carving with children! When you finally get to the point where they can actually participate and not just watch you carve their pumpkin, it’s just so funner!

So, I’ve typed that ’cause I think it’s funny and I’m sitting here worried that someone will actually think that I think that it’s really “funner” and they’ll be worried about my fitness to homeschool. This is sad. This is not funner.

At. All.

I guess they should be worried about my fragments too.


When we told Jak that we were going to carve pumpkins, he was sorta shocked at first.

Then overjoyed.

Ecstatic even.

Until he heard the “ice-tweem twuck”.

This was the exact moment when he said, “Excuse me, sir. Pardon me, but I hear the ice-tweem twuck”.

Speaking of ice-tweem twucks, why are they so creepy? Honestly, I wanna know. I mean, I love our ice cream lady. She’s very nice and not creepy, but she drives a very creepy ice-tweem twuck.


In case you were about to ask the question, “Why do all of your children look like they just ate dirt?” The answer is, I don’t know.


Your kids don’t eat dirt?

 Just kidding. Mine don’t either.

Except when they do.

You know, sometimes my posts just get funnier and funnier and I just have to stop myself because, honestly, who can take all that belly laughing?

Not me.

I honestly can’t take it. It’s too much.

And I was going to include a wecipe. But since I have carpal tunnel from uploading all of these pictures and since all of you have really sore abs from all the belly laughing, it’ll have to wait.

It’s gonna be good though (with or without the dirt).


3 thoughts on “Pumpkin Time!

  1. Have I told you that my friend, Leigh, has already decided when she lets her [future, not yet existant] kids come over the play with my [future, not yet existant] kids, she knows that they will take off their perfectly pressed/smocked/expensive clothes to run around naked and play in the dirt with my kids…..I imagine they will look something like yours…mismatched, dirty….but SO PRECIOUS. I love them that way….

  2. How is it that you have four of the cutest children ever? EVER??? (I mean, Josh is their father, for goodness sakes!!!) And Ava’s hair. You could bottle it and sell it on the black market for thousands!!

    Um, by the way, the ice-tweem twuck is not creepy. It’s tweepy. Get it right, mom. Tweepy ice-tweem twuck. It truly is funner. And I’m a tutor.

  3. How is it that you know exactly how to say what so many people are thinking? It’s a gift I tell you, a gift! yes, creepy, creepy ice cream trucks…..I run from them and shuffle my child inside for a blue bell fudge bar – but just for you, I may be brave and approach it soon 🙂 Love you!

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