It’s Complicated.

So, I know you’ve died a thousand deaths because I haven’t posted since JULY. 

I know you’ve been checking my blog every day and leaving in utter disappointment. Well, have you, Mom? (and that one other person?)

Look, I just have other things to do. Do you realize that I have 40 fingernails and 40 toenails to clip Every. Single. Week? This does not include my own. Make that 50. This is among other things, like bathing little people and teaching them about ancient China and brushing their teeth. You know, stuff like that.

It’s complicated.

I just can’t keep up with all of the demands.

This blog will consist of my leftovers. Sometimes it may be a yummy casserole. But today, it’s grilled cheese.

Don’t hate.


So, we went to Costa Rica. Why? I’m not answering that. I have little people lined up to get their fingernails clipped.

We went to Costa Rica and I have lots and lots of pictures I want to share with you. I’ll try to get to it soon. Please, don’t cry.

It’s hard to think and write and upload pictures with only one brain cell. That brain cell is singularly focused. Like I said, it’s complicated.

And I know I’m leaving you hanging. I know you’re sad and disappointed, but press on, my friend. I’ll get to it in between saving civilization as we know it shaping the young minds of the next generation and clipping those toenails.


5 thoughts on “It’s Complicated.

  1. LOVE it!! Thank you for posting. I’ve ignored my blog, too. Oh yeah. It’s not mine. It’s the Children’s Ministry blog. The one that is advertised in every bulletin, every enewsletter, every CM newsletter. And I haven’t even said hello on it in over 2 weeks. It’s definitely complicated!!

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