Just a few highlights.

We went back to Bay St. Louis for the fourth of July with my family. We have so much fun when we get a chance to go!

We took the boat out to Cat Island. This time we didn’t crash.

So, let me tell you a few things about Cat Island. First of all, it’s a creepy place.

mine. mine. mine. mine. mine. mine. mine. mine. mine. mine. mine.

Anyone with me?

Second of all, it’s full of hermit crabs.

There’s a certain technique that must be mastered to catch one of these bad boys.

Once you have your stance, it’s really all in the wrist.

And once you’ve got one, you better stare him down like you mean it.

Then you better make sure you have a neutral party score keeper or it might get dangerous.

Other than hermit crabs, Cat Island is full of sting rays.

And what would vacation be without s’mores? Anne Elise calls them “smurfs” and Josh takes it very seriously.

We had plenty of smurfs.

Maybe a few too many.

Smooches were provided for the unfortunate soul who couldn’t participate in the smurf eating contest.

We drove the jet ski.

We hung out.

We napped.

Poor thing. His ears have been flapping around like that since he was born.

We chilled.

We smooched some more.

And we squeezed chubby babies with big, flappy ears.

Just watchin’ the sun go down was worth the trip.

But watchin’ the sun go down while you fish with Popeye?



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