…has officially begun.

I homeschool year round ’cause I’m a freak, but I do like to take a little time off when the weather’s nice.

We enjoyed a summer kick off with a visit from my best friend and her kids. She and I were paired as roommates for a summer youth retreat in 7th grade and have been inseparable since. Little did we know back then…

…that we would be blessed with So. Many. Kids. It’s a freak show, but we’re good with that.

Almost every time we see each other there’s another someone or maybe two more someones smiling in the family picture! It’s always so fun to have a visit. Our kids get along really, really well and we get some time to catch up. I wish it happened more often. Let’s plan another visit soon Melly! We miss you already!

So, we’ve been trying to cool off in the heat.

Josh made a poor man’s water slide in the yard with a tarp for himself for the kids.

 We were afraid to use soap to make it slippery because we weren’t sure if that would hurt the grass. We don’t risk hurting our grass because Josh spent 347 hours laying it down a few summers ago. The grass is sacred. So, obviously, we decided to use conditioner. The grass is really soft now, and shiny, since we chose Pantene.

Josh would stand at the top of the hill and fling the kids down and they would scream and slam into the pool at the bottom. He’s our hero.

We’ve got a pretty busy summer planned, including a trip to Costa Rica! I’m taking the baby with me, but leaving the 3 big ones. The girls keep asking me to make sure I get pictures of the monkeys. They think monkeys will be just swinging all around and landing on your shoulder so you can feed them a banana. I told them I would try to get a picture. Then Ava asked me to please take a picture of her room. I can’t believe we’re about to move to a place I’ve never been. I’m excited to go see it for myself. I hope to post lots of good pictures on the blog. Maybe I’ll even get a monkey or two.

Now, go put a little conditioner on your grass, but don’t be cheap. Use the good stuff. You can thank me later.


4 thoughts on “Summer

  1. Y’all are so fun. Even when Josh won’t answer my phone call ’cause he doesn’t want me to eat lunch with you. I love the Kines!

  2. I’m excited for y’all! The folks at ICRICEN are precious. My family is abundantly thankful for the time we had in Costa Rica. If you have questions, I’d love to help in any way I can!
    (ps- take an umbrella!!)
    (pps- convince your kids to love geckos! much higher rate of sightings!! AND, they eat bugs!)

  3. MONKEYS are MANDATORY mamie! What a story you and smelly melly have! I’m glad I’ve been able to witness some of the freakishneSs lol! And I guess I’m getting more tolerant(lol) of the COSTA RICA deal. I know how awesome your family is and I have been blessed to be so close to yall, but I’m begining to understand the gifts yall have and that I witness I have to share yall with the rest of the world. ❤ BEAR LOVES YaLL!

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