Practically perfect in every way…


Mary Poppins lives at my house.

They call her “Lovie”.  And she is.

She arrived about an hour after baby Matthew arrived, almost two weeks ago. This was sad. She has been in the room when each of my children came into the world, but there was no time. She has been here since.

She has cooked, cleaned, grocery shopped, done laundry, put children down, fed them, clothed them, read them stories and played with them. She has done this each time I’ve brought a new baby home, which is now a grand total of four times…so far. Each time it has been a little bit harder. The power of exponentials at work again. More laundry, more cooking and cleaning and feeding and reading. She always stays as long as I need her. This is usually a full two weeks and then she takes a child or two home with her. This time she will take the bad one Jak home for a few days. While I was Pregnapotamus with a ten pound baby, she hired someone to clean my entire house for me.  I’m talking, scrub the baseboards kind of clean. This was a feat to say the least. It probably cost her ten million dollars.

As I sit here typing this post, she has made a cheesecake with the children and is now vacuuming the floor. She will feed them dinner, give them a bath and then put them to bed. She does this because she loves me as much as I love my children and she loves my children as much as I do. She embodies the word “Grandmother” and the word “Mother”.

The greatest thing about it all, though, is that my kids ADORE her. Sometimes I think they would rather live with her than with me. Wait, I don’t think this, they’ve actually told me. They cry when she leaves and they ask when she’s coming back and the answer is usually, “Next week.” I don’t ever worry that they will need me when they’re with her. They are loved and cared for to the brim and beyond.

What would I do without her? I would be drowning in a sea of screaming children. For sure.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Mom!

Don’t leave.

No, really…please don’t leave.


6 thoughts on “Practically perfect in every way…

  1. This made me cry, for I have the same Mom! They are such blessigns to us and they are the ones that get us through those killer times. Love Mrs. Margaret and you too, Em!

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