It’s Official!

It’s Official!

As of last week, Josh and I (and the Bonhams) are officially missionaries through Mission to the World. Josh, Nikki and Nate went to Atlanta for the final step of approval through MTW – Interview and Orientation. This was the last hurdle before becoming official. I had to stay home since I was 37 weeks pregnant that week.  I obviously could have gone because I’m still great with child. Actually, I’m way more than great with child. I’m fabulous with child…fantastic with child….Excellent. With. Child.  The Pregnapotamus digresses. I was able to do my final interview over the phone. Phone interviews are so awkward for me, but it went well…even though I only have one brain cell left from this pregnancy. Somehow I pulled it off.

So, this is what we’re doing. We hope to move to Costa Rica in the summer or early fall of next year (2012). It will take this long to raise the amount of support we need. The purpose of going to Costa Rica is to go to language school (which is important since Josh and I have a combined TWO YEARS of Spanish). We will also work with a church plant there that will help train us in church planting cross culturally. While living in Costa Rica for about two years, learning the language and training, we will be prayerfully seeking a new field that MTW has not been able to reach yet. We will move there and begin the church planting process and a ministry to the community. This will be somewhere in Central or South America.  We hope to go to a country or an area where there is no strong Gospel witness. Possibly an area where there are no MTW missionaries. Yep, we’re trail blazers.

We will now start the fun process of support-raising. I would be lying if I didn’t say that I feel very overwhelmed by this process. I really wish I had been able to go to Atlanta for Interview and Orientation because Josh came back with a really good grasp around partnership in missions. John Piper (I accidentally typed Josh Piper) has said that there are three choices when it comes to the Christian and missions, 1. Go  2. Send or 3. Disobey. We are all called to be actively involved in missions somehow. We should be excited about being the go-ers (and we are, but is that a word?)  and we should be excited about partnering with the senders! Hopefully, I can get my head around this. It’s a blessing to all of us to have the privilege to go and/or send. Proclaiming the gospel to the nations – what an awesome responsibility!!  It’s all of our responsibility, whether we are physically going and telling or sending others by supporting them.

Our team has a webite. Check it out!


3 thoughts on “It’s Official!

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  2. How very exciting. And to be willing to accept the mission with 4 children. I am sure that the blessings of this experience will be many and will be up to the top of the fond memories of the past when you get older. God is listening and watching you guys and is very proud of his children. God loves you and so do we

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