My parents came to spend the weekend with us. We were having the big blow out birthday party for the three of my children that are outside of the womb. Jak’s birthday isn’t until the first week of April, but I’m hoping to no longer be pregnant then. New baby plus birthday party doesn’t sound good to me. So, we had a combo!! It was really fun. I had to get creative to figure out how to combine a birthday party for two girls and a boy. So, we did the obvious – dinosaurs and cupcakes. I made a dinosaur cake and girly pastel cupcakes. It was a hit.

Sometime during the weekend, my dad looks over at me. In this moment I inspire him to create a word. He does this a lot. He’s good with words. He’s a wordsmith. He looks at me and in that moment of inspiration, he whispers, “Pregnapotamus”. It resonates with me. This word sums up my existence right now. I feel it in my bones. I feel it in my belly. Pregnapotamus. I embody the pregnapotamus. The pregnapotamus and I are one.

The Pregnapotamus and the rest of the family went to the zoo a few days later. We were approached by another mother. She looked at me the Pregnapotamus and said, “How are you walking around?” Shameful. Did I say it was another mother? Shameful. Pregnapotamus strikes again. I could have been in a cage. I could have been a Pregnapotamus exhibit. I got stares all day long. Most of them were because of my….”situation”, but I think a lot of them were because I had three children piled into a stroller in front of me. The spectators looked and this is what they saw. Child #1….then child #2…then child #3 and then…. Pregnapotamus. They shriek “Do you know how that happens?!” And then they run away in fear because it may be contagious. The Pregnapotamus walks on in peace. Amen.


4 thoughts on “Pregnapotamus.

  1. I.Love.It. You are so wonderfully funny. And, tho it’s not “situation” to laugh about, you are having such a great spirit and writing about it. I’m SO thrilled you started a blog and I’m adding it to my inspiration page on Constant in Chaos RIGHT NOW because I know it will inspire me so! 🙂
    much love, cat

  2. Yeah I am so excited! And reading it reminded me all over again just how much I like you and wish I had more of you in my life 🙂 Much love to your family as you begin to embark on a wonderful adventure, let me know how I can help as I close out my “chapter” here on the field.

  3. Love the new pictures!

    Heard a story on the News and it made me think about you….

    “The rare breed of pregnopotamus has been sited all around the Jackson/Madison area. Residents beware! She has been known to go on rages and leave a horrible mess in her wake! She will lure you in with her charm and wit, then go on her rampage. This is not a matter we take lightly. This is potentially a very dangerous creature. Exercise EXTREME CAUTION when dealing with this animal.”

  4. Absolutely priceless! I was just talking with a friend about the “situation” you refer to and the looks and whispers I receive every time I leave the house. “Wow, you have your hands full!” “Did you WANT them so close together?” “Are you done yet?!” Seriously, do I have to respond? “Um…yes, I do. God’s timing is perfect even if we weren’t quite ready, and no probably not done yet.” At which point they walk away shaking their heads, or stammer out of disbelief. And I’ve even had some speak those dreaded words out loud to me “Well, you DO know how they get here!” As if “they” are some ragged stray animal! Thank you for being so honest and for all you and your sweet family do in sharing truth with others!

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