Chapter 1

>This is my first post. Reluctantly. I say reluctantly for a couple of reasons. First, I am not computer saavy. I’m not a good writer. I rarely have an original thought, although I’m really, really good at stealing them. I am a homeschool mom with almost 4 children (baby due in March) under the age of 6. I don’t have time to go to the bathroom, much less blog about my life. I mean that. I do not have time to go to the bathroom…without a baby on my lap and a toddler trying to help “wipe” me. I really mean that too. However, there are several reasons why I think this blog might be worthwhile. I think it’s worth the effort to keep friends and family updated on our journey. I want to keep in touch. Not just keep in touch, but maintain relationships that are valuable and edifying to me. I also want to do a better job of documenting this time in my life.

We are in the process of moving our family to the mission field. It will probably be about a year to 18 months until we actually pack our bags and get on the plane. We have lots to do before then. We are moving to Costa Rica where we will go to language school and do some training and then we will move to our final destination somewhere in South or Central America to do church planting and mission work. We are going with another family that we love and adore – that makes it super exciting for us. It also, somewhat eases the pain of leaving our extended family and friends behind.

Now, let me explain my blog title. I chose this phrase to be the name of my blog when I was listening to Susan Wise Bauer speak at a conference on homeschooling. Now you know what a nerd I am. I listen to recorded homeschool conferences for fun. Susan was talking about keeping the long view in mind while we’re educating our children. I feel like this is how we should live life. Period. The long view. The ultimate goal. The chief end. Our daily lives should be a consistent reflection of the long view. This will look different in every family, but you should think about it. You should be able to articulate it. Does what I’m doing today fit in with my goals as a mom, a wife, a mother, an educator, a Christian? The long view should dictate how we live today. In this moment.

That leads me to the subtitle of my blog. As I type this, I haven’t figured out how to get that part up there with the title! “Our Life in Chapters”. While I think we have to keep our eyes on the long view, I also think we have to live our lives in chapters. Moms, especially struggle with this, I believe. We think we have to do and be everything right now, when maybe this is just the diaper changing chapter for us. I’m reminded of a quote that I can’t remember and can’t even remember who said it, but it was about Mary, the mother of Jesus. When she changed and bathed Him, God incarnate, the Word made flesh, and wiped His face and comforted Him, did she do it begrudgingly? Did she wish for the next season of life?

This, for me, is the book called Motherhood. I am living chapter 1, “The Diaper Changing Chapter”. I won’t always be living in this chapter. I want to look back at it and think that I did a good job. I redeemed the time. I was patient, long suffering, kind. I was not bitter at taking care of my children’s basic needs. Mainly, I want to live in this sanctification process of chapter 1 so that I’m prepared for the sacrifices required in chapter 2.

This is also the book called Missions. I am living in chapter 1, “The Waiting Room”. We will be in transition for a while. Again, I have to look at the long view. I also have to live and wait in chapter 1. I hope I learn and change and grow so that I’m ready for chapter 2.

Hopefully, all of my posts won’t be this serious or this long. I hope to share lots of fun stuff. We’re really funny. Truly, we are seriously funny! Just wait.


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